Toilet overflowing? Waterline gushing? Faucet or bathtub leaking? If this is a plumbing emergency, call or chat with one of our agents asap!

  • Bathroom Plumbing, Repair

    We are experts at making the plumbing pain stop! We stop leaks, fix and replace toilets, install showers, replace faulty shower heads, upgrade sinks and so much more!

  • General Plumbing Services

    Integrated Plumbing Solutions can handle all your plumbing needs for your home or office. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, outside in the yard or under the house.

  • Atlanta Septic Tank Repair

    We deliver Metro Atlanta affordable septic tank services for industrial, residential and commercial clients with transparency, honesty and integrity.

  • Drain Lines Installation, Repair

    Our team is well trained in drain line cleaning, solving clogs and drain line replacement. Our expert plumbers will clear your drains, then determine what caused the clog.

  • Hot Water Tank Installation, Repair

    The safe life of a standard hot water tank runs 10 to 12 years. Let us take a look at your current tank and help you make an educated decision before we repair.

  • Gas Lines Installation, Repair

    Smell gas? We fix that. Gas line repairs, installs, remodels are easy for us. Our experts will also connect furnaces, grills, appliances, fireplaces, firepits & pool heaters.

  • Kitchen Plumbing and Repair

    We will help with any kitchen repairs and remodels. Installing new or fixing the old; we work with you and specialized teams that will take care of your needs.